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  • Fedora Core 4 on IBM ThinkPad T20
    08/05/2005 12:10AM
    I picked up an old IBM ThinkPad T20 to use as a beater laptop and tried to install Fedora Core 4.

    The first problem I encountered was any CD I tried to boot from, whether FC4 or Knoppix 3.8, would produce endless I/O errors. Knoppix 3.4 booted fine. (Had I been paying attention I would have realized the CD was fine and the problem was elsewhere.)

    After getting through endless read errors FC4 managed to struggle through an install and boot up. As soon as the first-boot configuration screen tried to come up, the machine locked cold. Every time.

    It turns out that kernel version 2.6.11 has some serious problems with the T20. Executive summary --> it simply doesn't work. 

    See this link:


    Upgrading to 2.6.12 may help.

  • Oceans Have Fewer Kinds Of Fish
    07/29/2005 12:46PM
    According to the WashingtonPost.com:

    "The variety of species in the world's oceans has dropped by as much as 50 percent in the past 50 years, according to a paper published today in the journal Science."

    Read the article here.
  • Today Is "Sysadmin Appreciation Day"
    07/29/2005 12:09PM
    Though not many folks are likely to observe it :-)

    Official Sysadmin Day Site
  • MOBIE installed - new feature!
    07/28/2005 11:33PM
    I've put together a quick release of MOBIE with a first pass of a user contributed photo section. Prompted by how long it took Ian to show us his awesome new garage, I thought I should put together a way you can all quickly post photos.

    If you have a YML.COM login, make sure to logout and log back in again (head to the login page and click the logout link).

    Then head to the Member Photos page and click on the Post Photo link.

  • Running Windows With No Services
    07/28/2005 5:14PM
    From slashdot.org:

    "So how many of the almost 4 dozen default-enabled services does Windows XP really need in order to preserve basic functioning, like web surfing and running applications? Zero, as it turns out. Mark Russinovich at Sysinternals demonstrates that if certain steps are followed, Windows XP will still run with only two active processes: System and Csrss.exe. No Smss.exe, Winlogon.exe, Services.exe, Lsass.exe... And, contrary to the expectations of various lead engineers at Microsoft, even Internet Explorer will still work under such conditions."

    Read the article at slashdot.