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  • Software Patents affecting Trading Companies
    02/24/2005 1:03PM
    From ft.com: Futures exchanges brace for patent suits ... Vanessa Marsland, a Clifford Chance partner in the intellectual property practice, said: “In the US, patent damages can be substantial.” She added: “Independent software vendors may have to reconsider the way they do business, and in particular the wa ... Read Full Article
  • A Hint of Patent Sanity?
    03/03/2005 1:23PM
    Today an appeals court threw out the "embedded program object" patent infringement judgement against Microsoft. Normally, you wouldn't see me cheering for Microsoft, but this obviously has larger implications. http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,119880,00.asp ... Read Full Article
  • More about In-Car Data Recorders.
    03/09/2005 12:15PM
    Continuing an amazingly evil trend of cars recording your actions, there's another article over at news.com: Noting that many drivers are unaware that their actions are being recorded, they say rights to privacy could be violated in the absence of regulations governing how the data can be used and interpreted. ... Read Full Article
  • Hatch to Head Senate Panel on Copyright
    03/17/2005 5:05PM
    From the "could it get any worse" department, more doom and gloom as reported by the Washingtonpost.com: [Hatch to Head Senate Panel on Copyright][1] This is very bad news; the intellectual property laws in this country continue to be severely skewed in favor of a small irrelevant industry at the ex ... Read Full Article
  • Patent Insanity Slams the PS2
    03/28/2005 11:10AM
    Yet another example of patent extortion.  This time Sony is looking at a $90 million dollar hit. http://www.moroccotimes.com/news/article.asp?id=5162 ... Read Full Article
  • Climate Doom and Gloom - Earth has suffered irreversible damage: study
    03/30/2005 12:40PM
    According to an article at ctv.ca: "Humans are damaging the Earth at such an unprecedented rate that the strain on the planet may destroy about two-thirds of its ecosystem services, according to a landmark international study." Serious doom and gloom can be found in the [full article][1]. [1]: htt ... Read Full Article
  • European Software Patents
    04/07/2005 8:34PM
    I've got to find some time to write my "The Problems with Software Patents - Lack of Unambiguous Verifiable Result" article .. I've just been too busy of late. There's an article on [Slashdot.org][1] about  various very popular open source projects that are in serious danger as a result of software pate ... Read Full Article
  • DVR Patents - good article with some background
    04/08/2005 11:19AM
    Another patent dispute article over at [news.com][1]. This one has some good background info on the whole fiasco. [ http://news.com.com/Patent+litigants+target+DVRs/2100-1047_3-5659298.html?tag=nefd.lede][2] [1]: http://www.news.com [2]: http://news.com.com/Patent+litigants+target+DVRs/2100-1047_3-5659298.html?t ... Read Full Article
  • Our Incredible Shrinking Curiosity
    04/10/2005 12:05AM
    Finally! Someone has noticed: Over at Washingtonpost.com: [Our Incredible Shrinking Curiosity][1] [1]: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A39175-2005Apr9.html ... Read Full Article
  • IBM Calls for patent reform
    04/11/2005 2:23PM
    *From an article at slashdot.org: "IBM has called for [tighter regulation][1] of patents and a review of intellectual property ownership issues in collaborative software development. The company is one of the largest patent-holders in the United States. IBM executive Jim Stallings said examining patents for p ... Read Full Article
  • Patent Terrorism
    04/26/2005 5:01PM
    I was testing out the research link features in [Personal Stock Streame][1]r (right click -> Research) while looking at Ebay when I came across this rather interesting article over at [The Motley Fool:][2] [The Rise of the Patent Terrorists][3] When investing sites are starting to talk about real costs / to ... Read Full Article
  • Snowbound
    04/30/2005 5:35PM
    An article at washingtonpost.com discusses the depressing trend of modernization on native cultures: ### "Snowbound In Savoonga, Alaska, a tough people have made a tough place their home for generations. They've survived one of the world's most inhospitable climates and the barren isolation of their Arctic i ... Read Full Article
  • Evaluating A Patent System Gone Awry
    05/05/2005 4:32PM
    Finally! Front page news. Washingtonpost.com has covered in an appropriate tone that mess that is the US patent system: "...A new breed of entrepreneurs -- some call them trolls -- is buying, trading, selling and enforcing patents against companies to extract cash, not to compete in their businesses." ... Read Full Article
  • FCC Broadcast Flag Struck Down
    05/06/2005 1:44PM
    From Slashdot.org: *"CNet is reporting that [the courts have struck down the FCC's broadcast flag requirement][1]! 'In a stunning victory for hardware makers and television buffs, a federal appeals court has tossed out government rules that would have outlawed many digital TV receivers and tuner cards startin ... Read Full Article
  • Real ID
    05/09/2005 7:10PM
    Holy Big Brother, Batman! In case anyone missed it, it looks like the Real ID Act is going to pass since it's attached to a huge military spending bill. Is this a good thing? I guess only time will tell. "FAQ: How Real ID will affect you" at ZDNet: Read Full Article
  • Some Patent Sanity - at least in Europe
    05/19/2005 1:24PM
    In the glimmer of hope department from Slashdot: *According to story on ZDNet, the European Parliament (EP) has enlisted the help of intellectual property lawyers to [amend the directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions][1] so that companies are prevented from patenting pure software. Accord ... Read Full Article
  • Patent Reform Act of 2005
    06/09/2005 1:49PM
    From [Slashdot][1]: [The Patent Reform Act of 2005][2] has been introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives. From the article: *"Probably the most sweeping change would be the creation of a process to challenge patents after they are granted by the Patent and Trademark Office. 'Opposition requests' can b ... Read Full Article
  • A Congressman that gets it ...
    06/16/2005 2:09PM
    A rare outlier, someone who seems to make sense: "Rep. Rick Boucher is a rarity in Congress when it comes to digital media. He's taken the side of consumers -- not Hollywood and the music industry -- in the sundry controversies surrounding digital entertainment." The full article can be read at [Wi ... Read Full Article
  • How To Offset The Green House Gases From Your Car
    06/21/2005 5:04PM
    I've seen several other companies that were doing this overseas, but now there's one based in the US on the West Coast. What [TerraPass][1] let's you do is to buy certificates for the C02 emissions produced by your car. You simply look up your car's model and year and the number of miles you drive annually on thei ... Read Full Article
  • Property Seizure in America
    06/23/2005 12:21PM
    From the "this is America??!" department: "A divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses against their will for private development in a decision anxiously awaited in communities where economic growth often is at war with individual property ... Read Full Article
  • Oh, now this is truly horrible
    06/29/2005 1:38PM
    As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle: [there is a shortage of single-malt scotch][1] That's almost like saying that coffee is going extinct .... [1]: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/06/23/WIGO6D97QU1.DTL ... Read Full Article
  • Europe rejects patent proposal
    07/06/2005 2:15PM
    Some much needed good news according to news.com: **"The European Parliament has rejected a controversial measure that would have legalized software patents in the European Union." ** You can read the [full article at news.com.][1] [1]: http://news.com.com/Europe+rejects+patent+proposal/2100-1014_3-577 ... Read Full Article
  • U.S. losing share of science and engineering grads
    07/11/2005 1:05PM
    According to an article at news.com: **"More than half a century of U.S. dominance in science and engineering may be slipping as America's share of graduates in these fields falls relative to Europe and developing nations such as China and India, a study released on Friday says." ** You can read the full ... Read Full Article
  • Staking claims for patent gold
    07/20/2005 12:32PM
    News.com gives a moderately balanced view of the patent fiasco: "Companies are trying to profit from patents, but do they protect unsung inventors--or opportunist litigants?" You can read the [full article here.][1] [1]: http://news.com.com/Staking+a+claim+in+the+patent+gold+mine/2009-7343_3-579 ... Read Full Article
  • USA to Pass Science Crown to China
    07/26/2005 10:35PM
    From an articles at slashdot: *"According to a working paper of the National Bureau of Economic Research, rapid development of a science and technology base by populous Asian countries soon [may threaten the economic position of the United States][1]. Not only is the U.S. losing ground in high technology expo ... Read Full Article