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  • Pessimist? Optimist?
    11/14/2004 9:21PM
    So I'm sitting here with my buddy Ryan talking about the world and the culture of "optimism vs pessimism". Perhaps you can conclude from my doom'n'gloom postings which side of the spectrum I come from; but of course "I'm not a pessimist. I'm just an observationalist".:) ... Read Full Article
  • Tech Giants Bankrolling IP Hoarding Start-Up
    11/14/2004 8:05PM
    *From an [article][1] over at Slashdot: "Microsoft alum Nathan Myhrvold so strongly believes [intellectual property is the next software][2] that he's studying for the patent bar exam. His company, [Intellectual Ventures][3], doesn't actually make anything - only [patent attorneys][4] roam the hallways. Myhrvold isn' ... Read Full Article
  • The Patent Wars are set to begin ...
    11/13/2004 1:06PM
    It looks like the patent wars are about to start in earnest ... article over at [groklaw.][1] One can see the demise of the US software industry beginning ... the email that started the discussion is entitled: [Concerns regarding Microsoft's Royalty Free Protocol License Agreement.][2][ ][2] [1]: http://www.grokla ... Read Full Article
  • From 'what idiot thought this was a good idea' department
    11/10/2004 2:28AM
    Article Over at Netcraft entitled: [Domain Transfers (and Hijackings) to Become Easier][1] In a nutshell, it looks like it's far easier now for people to steal your domain names thanks to our friends at ICANN. [1]: http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2004/11/09/domain_transfers_and_hijackings_to_become_easier ... Read Full Article
  • US Ready to put Weapons in Space
    11/08/2004 2:25PM
    *From an [article][1] at Slashdot: "The Guardian reports "America has begun preparing its [next military objective][2] - space. Documents reveal that the US Air Force has for the first time adopted a doctrine to establish 'space superiority'." If this goes ahead, it will be in violation of the [1967 Outer Space Tr ... Read Full Article
  • Exactly as predicted - Microsoft starts big business patent haven through cross licensing
    11/08/2004 1:12PM
    I have read countless articles on the subject of how patents only help big business. Exactly as predicted, the largest companies are entering into mass cross licensing deals to establish a mutual safe-haven at the top. This establishes an effective shield against disruptive technologies from smaller companies. Because ... Read Full Article
  • And yet it melts
    11/04/2004 12:32AM
    From the [WashingtonPost][1]: "The Bush administration has been working for months to keep an upcoming eight-nation report from endorsing broad policies aimed at curbing global warming, according to domestic and foreign participants, despite the group's conclusion that Arctic latitudes are facing historic increases i ... Read Full Article
  • Several Publishers Sued for Infringing 3D Patent
    11/02/2004 6:13PM
    From [Slashdot][1]: *"According to a story on GameDaily, law firm McKool Smith is [suing several publishers for infringing their patent][2] on a "Method and Apparatus for Spherical Planning", filed in 1988. Among the companies being sued are several big names, such as Square Enix, Electronic Arts, Vivendi Universal, ... Read Full Article
  • Wedding photos
    11/01/2004 7:44PM
    Barbara uploaded a first pass of our wedding album on [her web site][1]. [1]: http://www.bfoley.biz/wedding/photos.htm ... Read Full Article
  • So I got a new digital camera last week...
    11/01/2004 10:32AM
    Last year my friend Dave got a [Sony Cybershot DSC-U60][1], which is a somewhat wierd-looking but quite effective 2 megapixel camera. This year I was thinking of getting one of those as well, but I was turned off by the lack of zoom and the fact that is uses those annoying Sony Memory Sticks. After doing some research ... Read Full Article
  • Big Arctic Perils Seen in Warming, Survey Finds
    10/30/2004 2:05PM
    From an [article][1] at the New York Times: "A comprehensive four-year study of warming in the Arctic shows that heat-trapping gases from tailpipes and smokestacks around the world are contributing to profound environmental changes, including sharp retreats of glaciers and sea ice, thawing of permafrost and shifts in ... Read Full Article
  • WP Article: U-Md. Professor Archives History Of Dot-Com Bombs
    10/28/2004 1:08PM
    Interesting article. Maybe we should send them the WebThreads business plan? :-) "This was the pitch: String together a network of powerful telescopes and beam live images of deep space onto the Internet. Don't make users pay to see the universe, but attract advertisers who want their logos displayed alongside the glo ... Read Full Article
  • Scientists uncover possible new species of human
    10/27/2004 3:57PM
    "(AP) -- In a breathtaking discovery, scientists working on a remote Indonesian island say they have uncovered the bones of a human dwarf species marooned for eons while modern man rapidly colonized the rest of the planet." [Article][1] over at CNN.com. [1]: http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/science/10/27/dwarf.cav ... Read Full Article
  • Generac Guardian Emergency Standby Generator
    10/26/2004 2:20PM
    At long last I'm putting up photos of our [Generac Guardian EmergencyStandby Generator][1]. This thing is extremely cool. It monitors incomingutility power and if there is an interruption automatically firesitself up and switches over loads you designate the generator power.While running it's about as loud as a lawn m ... Read Full Article
  • DTLink Software releases AnswerTool 2.3
    10/25/2004 2:39PM
    Just a quick note, we've released [AnswerTool 2.3][1] which now features the [eSellerate][2] affiliate program in addition to a number of new features. AnswerTool is an application we developed to help in handle customer support for the thousands of [Personal Stock Monitor][3] & [Personal Stock Streamer][4] customer ... Read Full Article
  • What I'm working on.
    10/25/2004 2:32PM
    The first publicly available version of [formVista][1] is near completion. I still have more documentation to write but it's coming along. I've gotten a bit side-tracked integrating the new version of formVista into MOBIE. However, I'm making good progress and will have the new version on yml.com soon. This will includ ... Read Full Article
  • Why RSS is cool
    10/25/2004 11:36AM
    I really like to keep up with news and current events, but recently I found that I was spending more and more time navigating web sites just to get my daily dose of news. So I got myself a free RSS reader for Windows called Feedreader, and added my favorite news sites to it. Slashdot, CNET News.com, washingtonpost.com ... Read Full Article
  • Source for MPEG of John Stewarts CrossFire appearance
    10/23/2004 11:23PM
    Thanks to google and a '"John Stewart" CNN mpeg' search I found a copy over at: [dailykos][1] They have links to a bunch of copies. The interview /rocks/. I find it interesting that one of the most honest and intelligent voices on television works for comedy central. [1]: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2 ... Read Full Article
  • Mount ISO file trick under Linux
    10/22/2004 10:48PM
    Let's say you have an ISO file (CD Image) that contains a filesystem that you want to "get into", for instance maybe to change a file. You can treat that file as if it were a real filesystem device using: mount -o loop -t iso9660 target.iso /mnt where target.iso is your iso file. It's the -o loop that m ... Read Full Article
  • Javascript Resources
    10/21/2004 9:33PM
    I've been doing alot more javascript feature integration into [formVista][1] of late. Years ago I looked at Javascript and dismissed it as too flakey to develop with. Things have changed. With the latest browser it's quite impressive what you can do now. So here are some resources I've come across: [HTMLAre ... Read Full Article
  • We Are Using 20% More Resources Than The Earth Can Produce
    10/21/2004 1:28PM
    "The human race is plundering the planet at a pace that outstrips its capacity to support life, according to a report by WWF. The Living Planet Report 2004 shows that humans currently consume 20 per cent more natural resources than the earth can produce, and that populations of terrestrial, freshwater and marine specie ... Read Full Article
  • Good MRTG/SNMP starter HOWTO
    10/21/2004 1:17PM
    I wanted to measure the traffic on the one network interface of our web/mail server, but had never used MRTG and SNMP, never having had an SNMP-capable network device before. This guide had me set up NIC monitoring on the local box in no time. ... Read Full Article
  • Excess Mercury Levels Increasing
    10/21/2004 1:17PM
    ### Survey Shows Fifth of Women of Childbearing Age Are Affected More doom and gloom in an [article][1] over at Washingtonpost.com [1]: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A49896-2004Oct20.html ... Read Full Article
    10/16/2004 1:45PM
    It seems that the [No Child Left Behind act][1] mandates that secondary schools provide contact information including name, address and telephone numbers on request to the US Military. The section is: [ARMED FORCES RECRUITER ACCESS TO STUDENTS AND STUDENT RECRUITING INFORMATION.][2] Clearly preparations fo ... Read Full Article
  • Endangered species: US programmers
    10/15/2004 4:22PM
    "Say goodbye to the American software programmer. Once the symbols of hope as the nation shifted from manufacturing to service jobs, programmers today are an endangered species. They face a challenge similar to that which shrank the ranks of steelworkers and autoworkers a quarter century ago: competition from foreigner ... Read Full Article