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  • Overly Sanitized Environments Lead to Poor Health?
    06/19/2006 4:12PM
    *"A recently-released study examined the [health implications of living in an overly hygienic environment][1]. According to the 'hygiene hypothesis,' living in such an environment early in life can lead to problems with allergies and autoimmune diseases. The study compared lab rodents with rats and mice living in ... Read Full Article
  • Bad bad bad news ... Human Bird Flu Transmission Is Proven in Indonesia
    06/23/2006 12:33PM
    In the "oh, now this is bad" category: "Bird flu was spread directly between members of an Indonesian family in the first laboratory-confirmed case of human-to-human transmission of the lethal virus, a World Health Organization official said." Full [article at bloomberg.][1] [1]: http:// ... Read Full Article
  • What we've always known: White Bread can kill you
    10/21/2006 9:57AM
    "Eating lots of white bread raises the risk of a cancer that kills thousands of Britons every year, according to new research. Those who eat five slices a day are almost twice as likely to develop the most common form of kidney cancer compared to those who have one and a half slices. Scientists put the cause d ... Read Full Article
  • Holiday shopping season prediction
    11/30/2007 12:38PM
    The hottest holiday gift this year for parents will be a home lead testing kit.  Stock up now before they're gone. ... Read Full Article
  • Research Finds Effects of GSM Signals on Sleep
    12/31/2007 1:47PM
    As reported on slashdot: *"The effects of mobile phone radiation on sleep were studied in Sweden in a [laboratory experiment][1] where subjects were exposed either to 884 MHz GSM radiation or placebo. The study finds that compared to placebo, in the radiation-exposed subjects there was a prolonged latency to ... Read Full Article
  • Multitasking May Age You And Hurt Your Brain
    01/28/2008 10:07AM
    Many folks who are forced to multitask on an ongoing basis already understand that multiple demands on attention can slow you down and carry significant switching costs. An article over at the Atlantic looks at this in detail; you can read it [here.][1] [1]: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200711/multitasking ... Read Full Article