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  • File Transfers without SSH
    11/16/2016 9:03PM
    I had an interesting problem at work related to copying files from one Linux server to another.  The problem was this: I had login access to both servers and on each server I had sudo access to a service account, which does not have login access.  The files that I had to copy were owned by the service account and many ... Read Full Article
  • Adventures in Virtualizing a Linux/CentOS 5 server that has three RAID1 volumes
    04/04/2016 3:41PM
    This is here mostly so I have something to refer back to:  A server my buddy Duncan runs is growing long in the tooth but we are not ready to retire it. It's a Linux CentOS 5 install running RAID1 across two physical drives. It seemed to make sense to turn it into a virtual machine running under [VirtualBox][1].  We ... Read Full Article