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  • Extremely Useful Reverse VNC Server for Customer Support
    03/23/2006 2:06PM
    Designed for single click auto-install auto-uninstall customer support applications where you need to see a customers desktop to help them with something but they can't run a normal VNC server (due to lack of knowledge, NAT firewalls, etc) you can use this solution:


    (NOTE: new location for creator tool is http://www.uvnc.com/pchelpware/creator/index.html)

    Download location for custom.zip is http://www.uvnc.com/addons/singleclick.html

    We've just gotten this working over here and it rocks. What's nice is they give you the tools to pre-configure the thing and turn it into a small stand alone executable that does everything automatically and uninstall itself as soon as the connection is broken. It seems to work like a champ.

    In our particular case both Anatoly and the client in question are behind firewalls so we've set up an on-demand VNC proxy that can be run on a Linux box with a public IP address:


    VNC reflector supports the reverse connection (where the VNC server connects out to the viewer or in this case the proxy server.). It took a little bit to get working under RedHat 6.1 (buffer overrun problem I haven't tracked down yet - it dumps core. Just recompile with debugging symbols included and it'll stop dumping). I would not recommend leaving this running for extended period of time on a live server for this reason.

  • $150 tiny linux computer
    03/22/2006 3:38PM
    As reported on the "Russian Slashdot" (http://www.linux.org.ru), there is a very small, chinese-made linux computer available for $150 - http://yellowsheepriver.org/products.html The tiny computer is just 180 X 145 X 37mm, comes with a 400-800MHz Chinese Godson 2C processor, 256-512MB RAM, 4 USB ports, ATI Radeon 7000-M, 40G drive, and the OS is THINIX 3.0 (Based on CSIP RPLinux).  See the Yellow Sheep River link above for details.
  • Patently Ridiculous
    03/22/2006 1:48PM
    In the New York Times someone has noticed:

    "Something has gone very wrong with the United States patent system.

    Americans think of the granting of patents as a benevolent process that lets inventors enjoy the fruits of their hard work and innovations. But times have changed. The definition of what is patentable has slowly evolved to include business practices and broad ideas. The fact that the Smucker's company went to court over patents on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches might have provoked chuckles. But it became a symbol of a system gone awry."

    Maybe, just maybe, people are beginning to notice ... it's been so painfully slow though.

    You can read the full article at the New York Times.

  • The Dollar's Doom
    03/22/2006 1:42AM
    Some say the days of the US successfully propping up its currency with its economic and military practices will soon come to an end. That's not going to go over well with the US economy. Here are a couple references... Think the dollar is backed by gold and poised to stand the test of time? Read Congressman Paul's speech in Congress on Feb. 16, 2006 (attached) or this column by J. Taylor at HoweStreet.com. (Hey, a Doom 'n Gloom article posted by someone other than Yermo!)
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  • Table made from ancient, giant hard-drive platter
    03/19/2006 10:50PM
    OK, this is pretty cool.


    Hard Drive Table