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  • Personal Stock Streamer 7.0 Launched!
    04/04/2005 1:20AM
    Many of you have heard me talk about this absolutely monstrous charts development project that's consumed us for the last 1.5 years. Well, as of today, the beast has been released.

    So if you care to, go check out our new site and app, Personal Stock Streamer 7.0.

    And of course, the site is running MOBIE so things should look familiar. :)

    In related news, Anatoly tells me that PSM 1.0 was released 9 years ago on Tuesday. Crazy to think it's been that long. I've only been involved with it for the last 7 ...

  • MOBIE installed on YML.COM
    04/03/2005 12:04AM
    Another fast and furious update to YML.COM. MOBIE has been installed. This release features:

    1. a password reminder feature on the login page. It works as you would expect.
    2. persistent logins. If you check the checkbox when you log in, it /should/ keep your session going indefinitely. If you check that and notice that you're being logged out after a few hours please let me know.
    3. misc bug fixes.
    I've got some improvements planned for the ticket list and then I'm going to start working on improving the Xinha HTML editor.

  • My favorite April Fool's joke so far today
    04/01/2005 6:08PM
    I think this is the best programmer-related April Fools joke I've seen so far.


    Also this, from the same company.


    Some people just have too much free time on their hands.


  • MOBIE install on yml.com. New Features!
    03/31/2005 10:22PM
    I've installed MOBIE on YML.COM. This release of MOBIE is part of our push to release Personal Stock Streamer 7.0, which will be happening in the very near future.

    MOBIE now supports three modes for the forum component, public, private and invitation only. Previously there was only the private mode where I had to create your accounts myself.

    I have set the YML.COM forums to "invitation only", which means you can now send out invitations to people to join us in the forums. Just click in the INVITE link at the top of the topics view.

    If you notice any problems please use the Bug List on the left to report them.

  • Climate Doom and Gloom - Earth has suffered irreversible damage: study
    03/30/2005 12:40PM
    According to an article at ctv.ca:

    "Humans are damaging the Earth at such an unprecedented rate that the strain on the planet may destroy about two-thirds of its ecosystem services, according to a landmark international study."

    Serious doom and gloom can be found in the full article.