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  • "Tiered" domain name pricing?
    08/25/2006 1:21PM
    Firmly in the doom and gloom category, as reported by [Slashdot.org][1]: *"As reported on CircleID, Vint Cerf has confirmed that [ICANN's new contracts for the .org/.biz/.info domain prices can be tiered][2], so that google.biz could cost $1 million per year, while sex.biz could cost $100,000/year. This is ve ... Read Full Article
  • EU Claims Internet Could Fall Apart Next Month
    10/13/2005 4:00PM
    According to slashdot: *"The battle for the control of the internet [could hit a climax next month][1], with the EU saying that it could 'fall apart.' From the article: 'The European commission is warning that if a deal cannot be reached at a meeting in Tunisia next month the internet will split apart. ... Read Full Article
  • Ditch the Ads!
    02/02/2005 1:27AM
    I suddenly realized that I don't have to view all those Doubleclick ads while browsing the Web if I don't want to - I just made my local DNS resolver authoritative for doubleclick.net.  No more ads to look at and quicker page loads, too!  All you need is one scrap zone file to handle all those pesky domains.  Take a lo ... Read Full Article
  • Transferring Domain Hosts to godaddy.com
    10/02/2004 2:05PM
    yml.com is now transferred to [godaddy.com. ][1] yml.com hosts my nameservers. The nameserver host settings did not transfer however ... and there was no clear indication to this effect (at least not to me). It turns out if you transfer a domain that hosts some of your own dns servers, you need to separ ... Read Full Article