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  • The Universe Is Shaped Like A...Soccer Ball?
    12/18/2006 9:43AM
    In one of the weirder results of recent studies, some astronomers are starting to believe that the universe may be much smaller than believed previously, and shaped like a soccer ball composed of interlinked pentagonal panels.

    No comment from the NFL or World Soccer yet...
  • The Ocean's Food Chain is Collapsing
    12/07/2006 8:12AM
    A study published in the Journal Nature concludes that there is a drastic decrease in the phytoplankton in the world's oceans which is a direct correlation to the increase in global temperatures.

    Since all food chains begin with photosynthetic organisms this could signal the beginning of the collapse of the food chain in the oceans.

    Very, very bad . . .
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  • Organic Matter In Canadian Meteorite Predates Sun
    12/04/2006 8:58AM
    Scientists have discovered a meteorite in a Canadian lake which contains organic matter apparently predating the birth of the sun(!), get the details here.
  • Books: Boning up on MySQL
    11/07/2006 1:27AM
    After years of using MySQL, I finally decided to it was time to do some homework and put MySQL to better use.  I bought High Performance MySQL and PRO MySQL and am glad I did. 

    With a couple of interesting database projects on the horizon and a long history of using MySQL at a basic level, it was a good time to ramp up.  These two books have been helpful in enlightening me in a number of ways, making me aware of features in MySQL that I had never used, and teaching me how to do more complicated jobs far more efficiently. 

    High Performance MySQL is a relatively short book - around 200 pages.  The authors are not experienced book writers, but the depth of their experience with and knowledge of MySQL is clear.  I picked up a number of tidbits from this book.  It was written in 2004 before MySQL version 5.  I'm using version 5 now on my servers, though client accounts on shared servers are still 4.1.x.

    PRO MySQL, on the other hand, is over 700 pages and packed with the kind of information a veteran C programmer could appreciate.  For example, the authors break down a simple MySQL query into the many steps that the software takes along the way and describe where to look in the source code to find the meat of the database.  Not being a C programmer myself, I gloss over these sections and pick up the important stuff that I am looking for.  Haven't finished this book yet, but its value is clear and has already paid off in my daily work.  It covers version 5 better, being a newer book.

    I found these books to be very helpful.  Since database work has become a more and more important part of what I do every day, expanding my horizons was as logical as it has been fruitful.

  • Seafood Population Depleted by 2048, Study Finds
    11/02/2006 3:03PM
    According to the Washington Post:

    "The world will run out of seafood by 2048 if steep declines in marine species continue at current rates, according to a study released today by an international group of ecologists and economists."

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