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  • Torvalds joins in anti-patent attack
    02/02/2005 1:09PM
    On a topic near an dear to my heart Linus Torvalds has joined the fight against the Software Patent Fiasco. Full article over here.

  • One Illness Away from Bankruptcy
    02/02/2005 4:34AM
    An interesting article from google news:

    BOSTON - Costly illnesses trigger about half of personal bankruptcies, and health insurance offers no protection against ending up penniless, according to findings from a Harvard University study to be released Wednesday.

    Full article here.

  • Ditch the Ads!
    02/02/2005 1:27AM
    I suddenly realized that I don't have to view all those Doubleclick ads while browsing the Web if I don't want to - I just made my local DNS resolver authoritative for doubleclick.net.  No more ads to look at and quicker page loads, too!  All you need is one scrap zone file to handle all those pesky domains.  Take a look, you'll be glad you did... I added to my local resolver's named.conf file some domains I don't want to have anything to do with:

    zone "doubleclick.net"  { type master; file "master/scrap"; };
    zone "ihost.com"        { type master; file "master/scrap"; };

    The zone file "master/scrap" can be used for all domains you want to throw out the window, because it contains no actual records:

    $TTL    86400
    @       IN      SOA     <your_nameserver> <your_email> (
                            2005020100      ; Serial
                            1H              ; Refresh
                            15M             ; Retry
                            1W              ; Expire
                            10M )           ; Minimum

            IN NS    <your_nameserver>

    Now check out how many web pages use ads from doubleclick.net.  If there are other prominent domains that should be similarly excluded, let me know.
  • Nuke Plants Needed Now
    02/01/2005 3:48PM
    One of the most effective ways that we can quickly act to avert environmental disaster from global warming is to go nuclear--that is, to start generating power with nuclear reactors on a large scale and abandon coal, oil and gas ASAP.

    Right now, the Chinese are racing to do exactly that--build a new generation of high temperature nuclear power plants.

    But these are not the scary, old-school, water cooling and control rod reactor designs discredited at TMI and elsewhere--they are based on an inherently safer low-threat reactor technology where engineers have weeks, not minutes to deal with emergencies--the helium cooled "pebble bed" type reactor.

    One of the postitive effects of adopting this approach would be a cheap new way to generate large quantities of hydrogen fuel for cars--as a side product of electrical power generation. Get the details here.

  • Alarm at new climate warning
    01/27/2005 12:07AM
    Reported over at the BBC:

    "Global temperatures could rise by as much as elevendegrees Celsius, according to one of the largest climate predictionprojects ever run."

    Read the full article at the BBC