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  • What is a winmail.dat file?
    09/28/2004 1:46PM
    It has happened more than once that customers sending me attachments have unintentionally sent winmail.dat files which cannot be opened under Linux. For more information on how to make sure Outlook does not send winmail.dat attachments [check out this article.][1] [1]: http://support.dataviz.com/support.srch? ... Read Full Article
  • More Calls for Patent Reform
    09/28/2004 1:26PM
    *From [slashdot][1]: "On the heels of the PriceWaterHouseCoopers [report ][2] about the threat of SoftPats to innovation, comes a [book by a Harvard B School and Brandeis economics professor][3] about how [broken the patent system is in general][4]. In short their book argues that the entire system is a (stunned silenc ... Read Full Article
  • One-liner for multiline substitutions
    09/23/2004 11:41AM
    I was asked to replace certain HTML code from a bunch of files with a PHP include statement, so that the code could be managed in just one file. The code spanned several lines and required multiline substitution, e.g. perl -pi -e '$/=undef; s|$pattern|$replacement|smg' I applied this to over a thousand ... Read Full Article
  • HTML Entity Test
    09/23/2004 11:23AM