If you are looking for the epic motorcycle journey blog that I've written, please see the Miles By Motorcycle site I put together. 
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  • Announcing a Major Upgrade to YML.COM!
    12/09/2004 1:38AM
    After more hours than I care to think about, I have finally checked in and put together a release of the latest MOBIE and formVista code. This update involves more than 1100 files, most on the backend you guys don't see but many that do involve the front end. This code, as you can see by the new look, is now installed ... Read Full Article
  • Demo Article
    12/30/2004 3:56PM
    Just demo'ing the CLOG for Lance. here's the body of the article. ... Read Full Article
  • Open Source Content Management
    01/09/2005 5:34PM
    A link from Ryan for when we open source MOBIE. See the mobie.biz site once I put it up. ... Read Full Article
  • National Harbor Touts Bookings
    02/24/2006 12:22PM
    In an issue that is strangely relevant in my life at the moment: "Advance booking for rooms and convention facilities at Gaylord Hotels' $850 million National Harbor development in Prince George's County, which is scheduled to open in 2008, have surpassed pre-construction contracts signed at its other locatio ... Read Full Article