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  • Blue Angels Over Annapolis
    09/14/2004 12:24AM
    Every year the Blue Angels fly for the Naval Academy graduation in Annapolis Maryland. [NeoPhoto][1] album is [here][2] [1]: http://www.neophoto.com [2]: /uploaded_html/albums/blue_angels ... Read Full Article
  • June 2004 DelMarva Circumnavigation Trip
    09/16/2004 5:49PM
    In early June of 2004, Mike, Lance and I embarked on an epic 463 mile journeyaround the Delmarva Peninsula in a 16 year old 30' express cruisernamed OverDrawn. Check out the [NeoPhoto Album][1] [1]: http://www.yml.com/uploaded_html/albums/delmarva_trip_2004 ... Read Full Article
  • 2003 Hurricane Isabel in Edgewater, Maryland
    09/16/2004 6:09PM
    Aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. Lance and I went down to see how well the boat did. Check out the [NeoPhoto Album][1] [1]: http://www.yml.com/uploaded_html/albums/hurricane_isabel ... Read Full Article
  • Asbestos Removal
    09/16/2004 6:26PM
    Some idiot had put Vermiculite insulation into the attic of my College Park, Md. home. The house inspector didn't catch it when I initially bought the house. The [EPA SITE][1] has alot of good information on vermiculite. Check out the [NeoPhoto Album Here][2] Based on all the information I was able to f ... Read Full Article
  • Know Your Camera
    10/03/2004 2:04PM
    [Here's][1] a good intro to digital cameras, from PC Magazine. [1]: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1645754,00.asp ... Read Full Article
  • So I got a new digital camera last week...
    11/01/2004 10:32AM
    Last year my friend Dave got a [Sony Cybershot DSC-U60][1], which is a somewhat wierd-looking but quite effective 2 megapixel camera. This year I was thinking of getting one of those as well, but I was turned off by the lack of zoom and the fact that is uses those annoying Sony Memory Sticks. After doing some research ... Read Full Article
  • Wedding photos
    11/01/2004 7:44PM
    Barbara uploaded a first pass of our wedding album on [her web site][1]. [1]: http://www.bfoley.biz/wedding/photos.htm ... Read Full Article
  • Per request - repost of 2003 Easter Fire Pictures
    12/13/2004 3:18PM
    I had inadvertently deleted the albums I had on yml.com when I moved everything over to the MOBIE backend. Per request, here's a repost of the [2003 Easter Fire neophoto album][1]. [1]: http://www.yml.com/uploaded_html/albums/easterfire2003 "EasterFire" ... Read Full Article
  • Incredible tsunamic photos
    01/11/2005 3:56PM
    Carol sent me a link to some incredible tsunamic photos taken from the water as the waves were coming ashore: ... Read Full Article
  • Star Wars Galaxies in-game Memorial Service.
    02/28/2005 12:19AM
    A few weeks ago a friend of mine from highschool passed away. In the note he left he asked that someone log into his Star Wars Galaxies account and tell his online friends the news. The family heard that I know a bit about software and asked if I would do it. I agreed despite having never played, let alone looked at ... Read Full Article