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  • Boat Rust
    09/12/2004 9:45PM
    Considered Regular Maintenance an exhaust manifond and riser replacement is an unpleasant job as evidenced by [these photos][1] [1]: /uploaded_html/albums/boatrust ... Read Full Article
  • Blue Angels Over Annapolis
    09/14/2004 12:24AM
    Every year the Blue Angels fly for the Naval Academy graduation in Annapolis Maryland. [NeoPhoto][1] album is [here][2] [1]: http://www.neophoto.com [2]: /uploaded_html/albums/blue_angels ... Read Full Article
  • 30' is too much
    09/15/2004 12:21AM

    Most real boaters agree that 25' is the limit.  Why?

    • Less money for gas
    • Costs less to raise it after is sinks
    • You can always use the "boat's full" excuse when you don't want someone on board
    • Women don't think you're compensating.
    ... Read Full Article
  • June 2004 DelMarva Circumnavigation Trip
    09/16/2004 5:49PM
    In early June of 2004, Mike, Lance and I embarked on an epic 463 mile journeyaround the Delmarva Peninsula in a 16 year old 30' express cruisernamed OverDrawn. Check out the [NeoPhoto Album][1] [1]: http://www.yml.com/uploaded_html/albums/delmarva_trip_2004 ... Read Full Article
  • Tanker Spills Crude Oil on Delaware River
    11/27/2004 4:56PM
    From an [article][1] over at newsday.com: "PHILADELPHIA -- A tanker spilled 30,000 gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River between Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, creating a 12-mile-long slick that threatened fish and birds, Coast Guard officials said Saturday." We were on the Delaware River ... Read Full Article
  • Chesapeake Bay Report Issues Dismal Bill of Health
    11/29/2004 1:30PM
    From an [article][1] in the washington Post today: "The health of the Chesapeake Bay remains dismal, with key indicators like dissolved oxygen, water clarity and oyster populations still far below acceptable levels, according to a State of the Bay report released today." [1]: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ar ... Read Full Article
  • Blue Angels Flying.
    05/20/2005 12:10AM
    It's that time of year again, the Blue Angels are flying over Annapolis on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week: I don't know if we'll have the [boat][1] put back together in time but we're going to give it a good try. [1]: /300weekender.html ... Read Full Article
  • Blue Angels over Annapolis - 2005
    05/25/2005 8:47PM
    It was a cold, windy, rainy, dreary day on the Severn river today. The ride over from [South River Marina][1] was a bumpy one. I'm pleased to report, aside from a rich running carburator on the port side, the boat seems to be operational once again. I tried taking pictures but the old FinePix camera I have ... Read Full Article
  • Why you always do a sniff test
    06/23/2005 2:18PM
    On a gasoline powered boat, when fueling you must **ALWAYS** check the bilge for the smell of gasoline before starting your boat. If you encounter a strong smell of gasoline **DO NOT START IT**. Find the source of the gas smell and take care of it. > [This is why.][1] > I've had it happen once on a newly purchased ... Read Full Article
  • Marine Power Service parts site.
    08/18/2005 5:11AM
    While looking for a metal fuel line that connects the fuel pump to the Rochester 4bbl on one of my Mercruiser 5.7l engines I came across this site: They have exploded views and parts diagrams. In addition they have a cool DHTML magnified parts view allowing you to see much ... Read Full Article
  • Rochester 4MV Carb info (Also known as the QuadraJet)
    08/21/2005 7:28PM
    We were diagnosing problems with my two Rochester 4MV carbs when I came across these sites with alot of good info: [Serious Tech paper on tuning a Quadrajet][1] [Forum Discussing Tuning a Quadrajet][2] [Forum Thread Discussing Rebuilding a Quadrajet][3] [A site with many manuals.][4] [1]: http://m ... Read Full Article
  • Rochester 4MV (Quadrajet) source
    08/23/2005 1:10PM
    Finding parts for these @!#$ carbs is a real pain now. However, I have found a source for quality rebuilt carbs from a place in New York called Allstate Carburator and Fuel Injection. Their site is [allcarbs.com.][1] I ordered two rebuilt Rochester carbs from them yesterday and they arrived, matching part #'s and all, ... Read Full Article
  • Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric
    09/08/2005 12:23PM
    Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric is a full service automotive, marine and industrial electric shop in Beltsville, MD just off old Baltimore Pike. They sell and repair both automotive and marine electrical accessories including starters, alternators, lift motors, tilt/trim motors, etc., etc.. They have a reputati ... Read Full Article
  • Floating Homes May Be The Future Of Coastal Living
    10/28/2005 5:49PM
    From the "why yes, we do have bilge pumps in our basement" dept.: With the rising seas and the increase in the number of storms accompanying climate change, flooding in coastal areas is going to become more frequent, washing away many homes with the storms that accompany it. Insurance rates will rise an ... Read Full Article
  • VW To Offer Marine Diesel Engines In the US
    01/05/2006 5:38PM
    VW is now distributing diesel marine engines through Ring Power of Florida, a marine diesel distribution company. The motors are available for I/O, Inboard and Saildrive configurations. Get the details [here.][1] [1]: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=2373532 ... Read Full Article
  • South River and Catfish skin cancer
    01/25/2006 9:57PM
    A very disturbing article from the Washington Post: "Catfish from Maryland's South River have a skin cancer rate as high as any found in the nation and the second-highest liver cancer rate in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and both are probably caused by polluted runoff, a study released yesterday says." ... Read Full Article
  • EPA doc on Marine Engines and Ethanol Gasoline
    05/02/2006 11:06AM
    Chesapeake Bay Magazine has a small article in this months edition pointing to this page on the epa site: ... Read Full Article
  • Contaminated Chesapeake Beaches and Water
    08/03/2006 1:11AM
    More doom and gloom. According to the Washington Post: "Dirty water and contaminated fish in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries pose a public health threat, but spotty monitoring and tourism industry worries can block the public from learning the full picture, health experts say.Millions of people swim, b ... Read Full Article
  • 1987 SeaRay 250 Engine Removal Photos
    07/02/2007 7:34PM
    Poor Duncan. After having just put two brand new heads on his Mercruiser 5.7l V8 drive engine, the block self-destructed on the first outing spewing a disgusting oil/water emulsion everywhere. Duncan and Lance asked to borrow the [building][1] to pull the engine out of the boat. The pictures of this hercule ... Read Full Article
  • 1987 SeaRay Mercruiser 5.7l disassembly photos
    07/04/2007 3:29PM
    Over dinner, Lance and I speculated on what could have gone wrong with Duncan's 5.7l Mercruiser. Did one of the heads crack? Did the head gasket fail? Was there some assembly mistake? Did the block crack? We figured the block must have cracked between the cylinder and the cooling passages near the bottom of the c ... Read Full Article
  • The Oil Gap Hits The Main Stream
    05/22/2008 2:09PM
    The IEA (the Paris based Independent Energy Agency) is in the middle of an across the board evaluation of the condition of the world's oil fields. The study results won't be released until November, but already, industry insiders and analysts are suggesting that the results may describe a much tighter world oil su ... Read Full Article
  • IEA Calls For Tight Oil Through 2013
    07/02/2008 9:54AM
    An IEA study released on 1 July says world oil supplies will likely remain stretched with little excess capacity through 2013. This does not bode well for consumer prices, as the cost of energy generally cascades into multiple sectors of the economy; The Wall Street Journal has the details [here][1]. [1]: http:/ ... Read Full Article
  • Open Source Climate Change Mitigation
    07/21/2008 5:18PM
    Looks like an old idea for fixing excess atmospheric CO2 levels is gaining new life, and may prove to be practical after all: seeding the oceans with treated limestone. Supporters claim this approach would not only increase the ocean's ability to absorb CO2, but fix the PH problem (acidification) created by the i ... Read Full Article