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  • Where The Cheap SCSI Drives Are
    09/13/2004 2:08PM
    NEVER pay retail for SCSI Drives! I use: * AC Micro in Beltsville: [www.acmicro.com][1] You can mail order from * them, or pick up at their retail space, though you gotta call first to make * sure they'll be there. * Computer Giants: [www.computergiants.com][2] You can search their site * by a numbe ... Read Full Article
  • Inexpensive quad 72 U320 Array.
    09/22/2004 12:08PM
    Ian forwarded me a link to a company that's selling a quad external SCSI (U320) SCA disk array with bids starting at 499. ... Read Full Article
  • RMA Info For Toshiba Hard Drives
    10/09/2004 1:06AM
    Need to RMA a toshiba hard drive? [This][1] is the place to do it... [1]: http://sdd.toshiba.com/main.aspx?Path=/818200000007000000010000659800000001/818200000111000000010000659c000003c7/818200000107000000010000659c000003cc ... Read Full Article
  • Seagate Warranty Look Up
    10/12/2004 6:24PM
    Want to check and see if your Seagate drive is still under warranty? Have a look [here][1] BTW, if the lookup fails when using the model number of the drive, try the part number instead. [1]: http://support.seagate.com/customer/warranty_validation.jsp ... Read Full Article
  • Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents
    11/22/2004 6:44PM
    It's been a day of evil news ... from an [article][1] at yahoo news: "WASHINGTON--Next time you make a printout from your color laser printer, shine an LED flashlight beam on it and examine it closely with a magnifying glass. You might be able to see the small, scattered yellow dots printer there that could be use ... Read Full Article
  • Recycling Old Hardware in Prince Georges County, Md.
    11/24/2004 1:19PM
    Residents of Prince Georges County, Md can recycle old electronics (computer equipment, monitors, stereos and other electronics) by taking it to the hazardous waste facility at Brown Station Road on any given Sunday between 7:30AM and 4PM: 11611 Whitehouse Road Upper Marlboro, Md The office to call for inf ... Read Full Article
  • RAM tester
    01/05/2005 1:09PM
    memtest86 is a tool for executing thorough tests of you x86 computer's RAM. My P3/550 has been running 24x7 for almost five years and finally started choking up on me; it regularly locks up, leaving no error messages. I wanted to know if there could be a problem with the RAM and I found a tool called Memtest86, availa ... Read Full Article
  • U640 Is Dead; Long Live SAS!
    02/20/2005 10:21AM
    Well, it looks like the dust has all but settled and U640 as a replacement for U320 SCSI is dead. SATA over SCSI advocates are going to hate this: SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) controllers will be coming to market in the near future, delivering 3 GB/sec throughput, reason enough to abandon U640, and nearly doubling the ... Read Full Article
  • Sun's Screamingly Fast Linux Server
    02/24/2005 10:05AM
    I normally don't pay much attention to Sun any more as by most accounts, they have been steadily going the way of the Ottoman Empire in recent years. But when they come out with a [4 processor AMD Opteron rackmount server][1]aimed (at least in part) atthehigh end Linux server market it's kind of hard to ignore, pa ... Read Full Article
  • Solution: Can't Boot RHEL 3.x/4.x On RAID 1 Following A New Install
    04/15/2005 2:16PM
    This was one of the stranger OS install problems I've encountered in a while. Symptoms: After doing a fresh install of RedHat Enterprise 4.0 on a new Supermicro rackmount box, the system would come up to a text "GRUB" prompt and freeze. The behavior was reproducible with fresh installs of RHEL 3.x ... Read Full Article
  • Power Outage!
    07/17/2005 8:42AM
    We are now experiencing our first commercial power outage in about 1.5 years.  The [Generac LP powered 15Kw][1] standby generator kicked in within 45 seconds and we've been running flawlessly on generator power ever since. No beeping UPS's. (our UPS's can only keep us online for an hour.) No crashed server ... Read Full Article
  • A Raspberry Pi Media Server
    06/27/2014 5:19PM
    So for the longest time I've been showing videos and photos on the big TV by copying everything over to a spare USB drive and then plugging it into the PS/3. It works, but it's klunky. What I really wanted to do was set up a generic computer that I could plug directly into the TV and use it to show videos (mostly ... Read Full Article