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  • PHP 4.3.8 - undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache'
    09/13/2004 12:25AM
    I wanted to get the GIF support present in GD 2.0.28. However under RedHat Linux 6.2, compiling PHP 4.3.8 will fail with a undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache' error when using GD-2.0.28. Use PHP 4.3.9RC2 or later. It has GD 2.0.28 bundled with it and compiles like a champ. This little problem represent ... Read Full Article
  • Asterisk PBX: Basic Setup So Far
    09/13/2004 1:50PM
    Building "Asterisk", a free linux only software PBX system is pretty straightforward--so far...So far, all I had to do was grab the source from: You can obtain the source via CVS, but I've never bothered to screw with CVS. I just pulled the .tar.gz source and built it on a sto ... Read Full Article
  • Info on SPF (Sender Permitted From)
    09/14/2004 3:29PM
    Soon publishing SPF records will be necessity. Rumour has it that AOL will be requiring these by Oct 1, 2004. ... Read Full Article
  • More On Asterisk: Setting Up SIP
    09/16/2004 12:57PM
    SIP (Session Invitiation Protocol) is nearly a defacto standard for connecting with VSP's (VOIP Service Providers). It's probably the best way to set the Asterisk software PBX system up to connect with a VSP. I selected Broadvoice as my VSP for testing out asterisk. Set up was relatively pai ... Read Full Article
  • GdkPixbuf Suffers Image Decoding Vulnerabilities
    09/17/2004 12:19AM
    It's been a bad week for vulnerabilities: News at [SlashDot][1] [1]: http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/16/226215&tid=172&tid=1&tid=106 ... Read Full Article
  • "Argument list too long" - deleting large number of files in a directory
    09/21/2004 3:51PM
    I was asked a question today about how do you delete a very large number of files in a directory under Linux when you get a : /bin/rm: Argument list too long What happens when you do a rm * in a directory is that first the * gets expanded to the list of files in the directory. There is a li ... Read Full Article
  • One-liner for multiline substitutions
    09/23/2004 11:41AM
    I was asked to replace certain HTML code from a bunch of files with a PHP include statement, so that the code could be managed in just one file. The code spanned several lines and required multiline substitution, e.g. perl -pi -e '$/=undef; s|$pattern|$replacement|smg' I applied this to over a thousand ... Read Full Article
  • HTMLAREA script
    10/02/2004 1:55PM
    Here's a link to a BSD licensed embedded HTML editor that works with IE5.5+ and mozilla. We use this editor in our formVista component system (and is what I'm using to enter this content). ... Read Full Article
  • Two Ways To Use GPS With Linux
    10/12/2004 4:12AM
    *From slashdot: Whether you're wardriving, vacationing or building a Car PC, a Global Positioning System is a handy tool. Interacting with your GPS via your PC makes for an even better GPS experience. As a Linux user, GPS/PC integration can be somewhat sketchy. Vendors don't write software and drivers for Linux; i ... Read Full Article
  • Copying select files from one heirarchy to another
    10/13/2004 11:03AM
    Let's say you have a two directories, each with the same set of subdirectories under it such as: /dir1/src /dir1/lib /dir1/docs and /dir2/src /dir2/lib /dir2/docs A situation I run into all the time is the need to copy some files from all subdirectories in dir1 to their corresponding locati ... Read Full Article
  • Good MRTG/SNMP starter HOWTO
    10/21/2004 1:17PM
    I wanted to measure the traffic on the one network interface of our web/mail server, but had never used MRTG and SNMP, never having had an SNMP-capable network device before. This guide had me set up NIC monitoring on the local box in no time. ... Read Full Article
  • Javascript Resources
    10/21/2004 9:33PM
    I've been doing alot more javascript feature integration into [formVista][1] of late. Years ago I looked at Javascript and dismissed it as too flakey to develop with. Things have changed. With the latest browser it's quite impressive what you can do now. So here are some resources I've come across: [HTMLAre ... Read Full Article
  • Mount ISO file trick under Linux
    10/22/2004 10:48PM
    Let's say you have an ISO file (CD Image) that contains a filesystem that you want to "get into", for instance maybe to change a file. You can treat that file as if it were a real filesystem device using: mount -o loop -t iso9660 target.iso /mnt where target.iso is your iso file. It's the -o loop that m ... Read Full Article
  • CSS Reference
    11/15/2004 4:49PM
    CSS and CSS2 Reference at [http://www.w3schools.com][1] "house of style" at [1]: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_reference.asp ... Read Full Article
  • Open Source Geeks Considered Modern Heroes
    11/30/2004 2:45PM
    From an [article][1] at Slashdot: *"The BBC [reports][2] that a report by [Demos][3] says that the all-consuming passions of geeks and nerds may actually be beneficial for society. The UK think tank's [report published today][4], underlines the importance of 'Pro-Ams' -- amateurs who pursue a hobby or pastime, in ... Read Full Article
  • Red Hat, Novell To Package Xen
    12/02/2004 9:01PM
    From the this would be too cool for words department, an article at Slashdot reports: *"Watch out VMware and Microsoft. Here comes [Xen][1], an open-source virtualization for the Linux environment being pushed by Red Hat and Novell. Xen has also joined forces with leading Linux distributors, chip vendors and pla ... Read Full Article
  • Linux-PVR Distribution LinVDR 0.7 Released
    12/07/2004 11:33AM
    An [article][1] over at Slashdot reports: *"LinVDR is a very small Linux distribution turning your normal PC with a DVB video card into a rather cool personal video recorder (PVR). 'The Busybox based system requires less than 128 MB disk space and is [shipped ][2] as compressed bootable CD image (31 MB) with an easy ... Read Full Article
  • Announcing a Major Upgrade to YML.COM!
    12/09/2004 1:38AM
    After more hours than I care to think about, I have finally checked in and put together a release of the latest MOBIE and formVista code. This update involves more than 1100 files, most on the backend you guys don't see but many that do involve the front end. This code, as you can see by the new look, is now installed ... Read Full Article
  • PHP vulnerability found - upgrade to 4.3.10
    12/18/2004 4:10PM
    Check out the advisory at: There are a number of recently discovered vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a remote attacker. The recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of PHP (4.3.10 for the 4.X series) ... Read Full Article
  • Torvalds: A Solaris skeptic
    12/21/2004 12:54PM
    An excellent with Linus Torvalds tangentially about Solaris but more about development processes and environments. When this man speaks, listen. ... Read Full Article
  • FAQ - Redhat-9, DBD and Mysql
    12/22/2004 2:40PM
    To get DBD to compile under RedHat 9 you need to do an unset LANG before generating the makefile as in: unset LANG; perl Makefile.PL; make test; make install otherwise you'll get errors like: "Unsuccessful stat on filename containing newline at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/ExtUtils/Liblist/Kid.pm line 97 ... Read Full Article
  • NVIDIA and Linux Kernel 2.6.10
    12/26/2004 4:46PM
    There's an issue with the current (2004-12-26) Nvidia drives and the 2.6.10 Linux kernel that was just released. More details and patches available at: [**1.0-6629 x86/x86-64 and Linux 2.6.10**][1] [1]: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?s=022897ba538542e3b5ab1fdaf80a7993&p=502849&postcount=1 ... Read Full Article
  • PHP 4.3.10 busy loop in Apache 1.3.33 under RedHat 9
    01/11/2005 10:26PM
    The joys of PHP. For not the first time and probably not the last, I've managed to get PHP to alternatively crash Apache or cause it to sit and spin at 99.9% CPU utilization. I've posted a bug report with the PHP group at: . I've also just submitted what may be a related bug: ... Read Full Article
  • (for PHP developers)PHP 5 Bug - losing $this var.
    01/12/2005 6:34PM
    This is additional info intended for the PHP developers. This has been submitted as bug: This may be related to the PHP 4.3.10 bug as it's occurring in the same general area as this bug. I've focused on this bug in PHP 5 because it's easily reproduced. The demonstrator file is loc ... Read Full Article
  • Javascript and DHTML references
    01/16/2005 10:05PM
    Some references for DHTML and Javascript: [http://www.zvon.org/index.php?nav_id=references&mime=html ][1] [http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/dhtml\_reference\_entry.asp][2] [1]: http://www.zvon.org/index.php?nav_ ... Read Full Article