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  • Retro Hand Sets for Modern Digital Cellphones
    09/20/2004 10:51AM
    A mentioned on [Slashdot.org][1] there's this interesting retro movement going on. I have long wondered when it would start. Check out this grafting of old-style handsets onto modern cellphones at [pokia.com][2]. Now if there were some way I could graft an new digital phone into my old cellular bag phone I'd be a ... Read Full Article
  • Rotary Cell Phone.
    01/21/2005 9:41PM
    This looks suprisingly similar to the phone I have in my entryway. ... Read Full Article
  • The Back Pack, V 2.0
    09/09/2005 1:30PM
    Next time you go hiking, this is the backpack you want to bring. By generating electricity from the walking motion of the wearer it can produce about 7 watts of power, enough to run your GPS, or MP3 player. See the details [here.][1] [1]: http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/09/09/backpack.reut/index.html ... Read Full Article
  • Using your Treo 700w as a modem
    05/11/2006 10:51AM
    If you have a Treo 700w or some other Windows Mobile 5 device, you will doubtlessly want to connect your laptop through it. Verizon has turned this capability off. To work around this problem take a look at a package called [pdanet][1]. Works like a champ. [1]: http://www.junefabrics.com/pdanet/ ... Read Full Article