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  • Later sendmail and forward to programs
    06/02/2006 12:31PM
    Having not done any sendmail hacking in some years, I was puzzled to find that forwards via .forward files to programs no longer work. I figured it was some new security thing. It turns out that in order for a forward to a program to be accepted you must symlink the executable in question to the /etc/smrsh directo ... Read Full Article
  • Qmqtool: Queue Maintenance Tool For Qmail
    06/15/2006 3:18PM
    An excellent [tool][1] for dealing with queue clogging, examining queue content, troubleshooting, etc.. Highly recommended. [1]: http://jeremy.kister.net/code/qmqtool/ ... Read Full Article
  • Yahoo has changed it's mail acceptance policy
    09/20/2006 11:10AM
    We found out the hard way with a recent Personal Stock Streamer announcement to our customers that Yahoo has changed the rules for sending them email. More information can be found on this page: One possible solution for handling bounce messages i ... Read Full Article
  • VERP and Sendmail.
    09/20/2006 1:08PM
    I've been doing some searches on VERP, Variable Envelope Return Paths, and Sendmail and so far this is what I've found ... posting them here for posterity: [http://www.velocit ... Read Full Article
  • NoListing DNS based anti-spam approach
    01/22/2007 10:57PM
    A tactic that may reduce spam load at least for a period of time until spam virus writers have a chance to update their code. Originally posted on slashdot. ... Read Full Article
  • AOL.COM and YAHOO.COM Whitelist info.
    12/15/2007 6:16PM
    I keep forgetting to put this somewhere where I will find it again. If you have alot of customers that user AOL.COM and you want to send out announcements it's a good idea to get on their whitelist. [http://postmaster.aol.com/whitelist/ ][1] Here's some more information I found through google: Read Full Article
  • SMTP Protocol to send an email message.
    10/25/2010 7:08PM
    Ages ago, I used to know the SMTP protocol by heart but these days I actually telnet into a mail server to diagnose problems so rarely that I forget the details. I could have sworn I had put an article up about this, but can't find it, so here goes. Telnet 25 localhost HELO test.com MAIL From: test@ ... Read Full Article