If you are looking for the epic motorcycle journey blog that I've written, please see the Miles By Motorcycle site I put together. 
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  • CLOG v 0.8 bugs and suggestions.
    12/09/2004 4:41PM
    I've created Admin->Bugs and Admin->Suggestions categories. It'll be alot easier for me if we keep suggestions and bug reports here on the clog. YML.COM is, after all, pretty much a test site. So far from me and Anatoly: * Right now in Thunderbird all articles come up as from * "anonymous"; you s ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed.
    12/13/2004 7:52PM
    MOBIE has been installing YML.COM. This release primarily features some bugfixes to the CLOG and RSS support. * Last update is now displayed first. * Comments link now links to the comments section at the bottom of the * detail page. * posting comments from the list now works. ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE CLOG Suggestions
    12/16/2004 5:10PM
    * add user profiles * add user selectable email notification * more human friendly author strings (instead of yml\_at\_yml_com encoded * email addresses.) Possibly provide an ability to use aliases * "perma-link" encoding of URL string for articles, possibly * using a separate page ... Read Full Article
  • mobie_0.8.0.5_bugs
    12/17/2004 5:09PM
    Current BugList for the mobie_0.8.0.x release. See comments. ... Read Full Article
  • clog image upload problem
    12/17/2004 5:10PM
    http://yml.com/Login/Post_Article.html When you try to add an image using the browse function in Image input below you get the following error . . . **formVista Component ERROR** /usr/local/WWW/yml.com/html/icms//fvml/clog_list.fvml at line 71 Component 'clog_list' of type 'list' [base.php at line 678 ( ... Read Full Article
  • YML.COM Upgraded to MOBIE
    03/01/2005 4:49PM
    I've finished putting together MOBIE which I've now installed on YML.COM. For the CLOG and FORUMS it's currently using a skin Ryan developed for the new [personalstockstreamer.com][1] site we're working on. The green components will soon be reskinned back into the default YML.COM look look. This release f ... Read Full Article
  • test article
    12/01/2008 1:06PM
    this is a test. please ignore. ... Read Full Article
  • Another test
    12/01/2008 1:17PM
    another test ... Read Full Article