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  • PHP 4.3.8 - undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache'
    09/13/2004 12:25AM
    I wanted to get the GIF support present in GD 2.0.28. However under RedHat Linux 6.2, compiling PHP 4.3.8 will fail with a undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache' error when using GD-2.0.28. Use PHP 4.3.9RC2 or later. It has GD 2.0.28 bundled with it and compiles like a champ. This little problem represent ... Read Full Article
  • Asterisk PBX: Basic Setup So Far
    09/13/2004 1:50PM
    Building "Asterisk", a free linux only software PBX system is pretty straightforward--so far...So far, all I had to do was grab the source from: You can obtain the source via CVS, but I've never bothered to screw with CVS. I just pulled the .tar.gz source and built it on a sto ... Read Full Article
  • Where The Cheap SCSI Drives Are
    09/13/2004 2:08PM
    NEVER pay retail for SCSI Drives! I use: * AC Micro in Beltsville: [www.acmicro.com][1] You can mail order from * them, or pick up at their retail space, though you gotta call first to make * sure they'll be there. * Computer Giants: [www.computergiants.com][2] You can search their site * by a numb ... Read Full Article
  • Info on SPF (Sender Permitted From)
    09/14/2004 3:29PM
    Soon publishing SPF records will be necessity. Rumour has it that AOL will be requiring these by Oct 1, 2004. ... Read Full Article
  • Flaw in Microsoft JPEG Parsing
    09/14/2004 6:29PM
    JPEG flaw in windows. Potentially allows code embedded in JPG images to be executed on the client. It looks like many applications are affected. More info at: [SlashDot][1] and [News.com][2] [1]: http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/14/2226226&tid=172&tid=218 [2]: http://news.com.com/Major+graphics+flaw+ ... Read Full Article
  • Study: 400K Fewer Tech Jobs Since 2001
    09/14/2004 9:10PM
    Article over at the [Washington Post][1]. [1]: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A20833-2004Sep14.html ... Read Full Article
  • Critical Mozilla, Thunderbird Vulnerabilities
    09/15/2004 3:54PM
    In a nutshell, upgrade to the latest Mozilla (1.7.3): More at [Slashdot][1] [1]: http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/15/1758239&tid=172&tid=128&tid=154&tid=218 ... Read Full Article
  • More On Asterisk: Setting Up SIP
    09/16/2004 12:57PM
    SIP (Session Invitiation Protocol) is nearly a defacto standard for connecting with VSP's (VOIP Service Providers). It's probably the best way to set the Asterisk software PBX system up to connect with a VSP. I selected Broadvoice as my VSP for testing out asterisk. Set up was relatively pai ... Read Full Article
  • GdkPixbuf Suffers Image Decoding Vulnerabilities
    09/17/2004 12:19AM
    It's been a bad week for vulnerabilities: News at [SlashDot][1] [1]: http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/16/226215&tid=172&tid=1&tid=106 ... Read Full Article
  • "Argument list too long" - deleting large number of files in a directory
    09/21/2004 3:51PM
    I was asked a question today about how do you delete a very large number of files in a directory under Linux when you get a : /bin/rm: Argument list too long What happens when you do a rm * in a directory is that first the * gets expanded to the list of files in the directory. There is a li ... Read Full Article
  • Inexpensive quad 72 U320 Array.
    09/22/2004 12:08PM
    Ian forwarded me a link to a company that's selling a quad external SCSI (U320) SCA disk array with bids starting at 499. ... Read Full Article
  • One-liner for multiline substitutions
    09/23/2004 11:41AM
    I was asked to replace certain HTML code from a bunch of files with a PHP include statement, so that the code could be managed in just one file. The code spanned several lines and required multiline substitution, e.g. perl -pi -e '$/=undef; s|$pattern|$replacement|smg' I applied this to over a thousand ... Read Full Article
  • HTMLAREA script
    10/02/2004 1:55PM
    Here's a link to a BSD licensed embedded HTML editor that works with IE5.5+ and mozilla. We use this editor in our formVista component system (and is what I'm using to enter this content). ... Read Full Article
  • Transferring Domain Hosts to godaddy.com
    10/02/2004 2:05PM
    yml.com is now transferred to [godaddy.com. ][1] yml.com hosts my nameservers. The nameserver host settings did not transfer however ... and there was no clear indication to this effect (at least not to me). It turns out if you transfer a domain that hosts some of your own dns servers, you need to separ ... Read Full Article
  • RSS Info
    10/03/2004 5:34PM
    I keep misplacing this link. Once I have a chance to write the [formVista][1] rss component class this clog will be available via RSS (so my business partner [Anatoly][2] can use his RSS reader to see when I (or any of my associates) place articles here. Info on the RSS XML format: Just simple RSS 2.0 should ... Read Full Article
  • RMA Info For Toshiba Hard Drives
    10/09/2004 1:06AM
    Need to RMA a toshiba hard drive? [This][1] is the place to do it... [1]: http://sdd.toshiba.com/main.aspx?Path=/818200000007000000010000659800000001/818200000111000000010000659c000003c7/818200000107000000010000659c000003cc ... Read Full Article
  • The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities
    10/09/2004 3:02PM
    The SANS institute has released their [top 20 list][1]. Check out the webserver section. [1]: http://www.sans.org/top20/#u2 ... Read Full Article
  • Two Ways To Use GPS With Linux
    10/12/2004 4:12AM
    *From slashdot: Whether you're wardriving, vacationing or building a Car PC, a Global Positioning System is a handy tool. Interacting with your GPS via your PC makes for an even better GPS experience. As a Linux user, GPS/PC integration can be somewhat sketchy. Vendors don't write software and drivers for Linux; i ... Read Full Article
  • Seagate Warranty Look Up
    10/12/2004 6:24PM
    Want to check and see if your Seagate drive is still under warranty? Have a look [here][1] BTW, if the lookup fails when using the model number of the drive, try the part number instead. [1]: http://support.seagate.com/customer/warranty_validation.jsp ... Read Full Article
  • Copying select files from one heirarchy to another
    10/13/2004 11:03AM
    Let's say you have a two directories, each with the same set of subdirectories under it such as: /dir1/src /dir1/lib /dir1/docs and /dir2/src /dir2/lib /dir2/docs A situation I run into all the time is the need to copy some files from all subdirectories in dir1 to their corresponding locati ... Read Full Article
  • Good MRTG/SNMP starter HOWTO
    10/21/2004 1:17PM
    I wanted to measure the traffic on the one network interface of our web/mail server, but had never used MRTG and SNMP, never having had an SNMP-capable network device before. This guide had me set up NIC monitoring on the local box in no time. ... Read Full Article
  • Javascript Resources
    10/21/2004 9:33PM
    I've been doing alot more javascript feature integration into [formVista][1] of late. Years ago I looked at Javascript and dismissed it as too flakey to develop with. Things have changed. With the latest browser it's quite impressive what you can do now. So here are some resources I've come across: [HTMLAre ... Read Full Article
  • Mount ISO file trick under Linux
    10/22/2004 10:48PM
    Let's say you have an ISO file (CD Image) that contains a filesystem that you want to "get into", for instance maybe to change a file. You can treat that file as if it were a real filesystem device using: mount -o loop -t iso9660 target.iso /mnt where target.iso is your iso file. It's the -o loop that m ... Read Full Article
  • Why RSS is cool
    10/25/2004 11:36AM
    I really like to keep up with news and current events, but recently I found that I was spending more and more time navigating web sites just to get my daily dose of news. So I got myself a free RSS reader for Windows called Feedreader, and added my favorite news sites to it. Slashdot, CNET News.com, washingtonpost.com ... Read Full Article
  • CSS Reference
    11/15/2004 4:49PM
    CSS and CSS2 Reference at [http://www.w3schools.com][1] "house of style" at [1]: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_reference.asp ... Read Full Article