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  • Demo Article
    12/30/2004 3:56PM
    Just demo'ing the CLOG for Lance. here's the body of the article. ... Read Full Article
  • The First Fuel Cell Powered Motorcycle
    03/17/2005 1:08PM
    The ENV motorcyle has a top speed of 50 MPH (expected to reach 100 MPH with some additional refinement). Power is provided by a hydrogen fuel cell which will currently power the bike for 4 hours. After a 5 minute refueling, it's back on the road. It's so quiet (about as loud as the average PC), that the manufactu ... Read Full Article
  • How To Offset The Green House Gases From Your Car
    06/21/2005 5:04PM
    I've seen several other companies that were doing this overseas, but now there's one based in the US on the West Coast. What [TerraPass][1] let's you do is to buy certificates for the C02 emissions produced by your car. You simply look up your car's model and year and the number of miles you drive annually on thei ... Read Full Article
  • Rochester 4MV Carb info (Also known as the QuadraJet)
    08/21/2005 7:28PM
    We were diagnosing problems with my two Rochester 4MV carbs when I came across these sites with alot of good info: [Serious Tech paper on tuning a Quadrajet][1] [Forum Discussing Tuning a Quadrajet][2] [Forum Thread Discussing Rebuilding a Quadrajet][3] [A site with many manuals.][4] [1]: http://m ... Read Full Article
  • Rise Of The Diesel
    08/26/2005 12:53AM
    While [this article][1] is Eurocentric in its focus, the point is pretty clear. Diesel sales are rising dramatically around the world for a number of reasons. Modern diesels are quiet, non-smoky, and powerful. They also pollute less than their gasoline powered counterparts and and operate up to 40% more efficien ... Read Full Article
  • Hybrid Drivers Afflicted By Software Bugs
    08/31/2005 8:49AM
    Well, no one can say this is a surprise. Some Toyota Prius hybrid drivers are winding up on the side of the road because of [software bugs][1]. [1]: http://www.baselinemag.com/article2/0,1540,1849825,00.asp ... Read Full Article
  • Gas To Hit $4 Per Gallon And Higher
    08/31/2005 11:11AM
    Some analysts are now predicting that gas will hit [$4 per gallon][1] and higher at the pump in the very near future, courtesy of Katrina. Hold on to your wallet... [1]: http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/31/news/gas_prices/index.htm?cnn=yes ... Read Full Article
  • Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric
    09/08/2005 12:23PM
    Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric is a full service automotive, marine and industrial electric shop in Beltsville, MD just off old Baltimore Pike. They sell and repair both automotive and marine electrical accessories including starters, alternators, lift motors, tilt/trim motors, etc., etc.. They have a reputati ... Read Full Article
  • More On Why Diesels Make So Much Sense
    09/09/2005 6:05PM
    Another article on why diesels make are starting to make even more [sense][1] now, though they've been a good choice for quite some time. [1]: http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/29/Autos/tipsandadvice/diesels/index.htm ... Read Full Article
  • Extracting Drinking Water From Diesel Exhaust
    10/05/2005 3:10PM
    Sounds counterintuitive, but the Army is testing a new technology to extract drinking water from diesel exhaust at the ratio of one gallon of water for every two gallons of diesel fuel burned in military vehicles; the process has been developed by United Technologies. See the details in today's [WSJ online.][1] ... Read Full Article
  • Finally, A Potential Diesel Sports Car
    10/19/2005 11:16PM
    Volkwagen's done it now: A 69 mile per gallon, 134 horsepower, mid engine diesel sports car with a top speed of 143 miles per hour. Needless to say, I want [one][1]! [1]: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2005/10/vw_introduces_t.html#more ... Read Full Article
  • Truckers Take First Steps Toward Hydrogen
    11/17/2005 11:44PM
    It turns out that long haul truckers have been retrofitting their diesel rigs with on-the-fly Hydrogen generators. The hydrogen is injected into the fuel system of the truck for significant gains in power, fuel economy and pollution reduction. Get the details [here.][1] [1]: http://www.wired.com/news/autotech/0,2554, ... Read Full Article
  • So You Want To Build A Baja Bug
    11/28/2005 5:25PM
    I made the "mistake" of watching ["Dust To Glory"][1] over the weekend, a documentary on the famous [Baja 1000][2] race, held in Baja California, Mexico every year. The race starts in [Ensenada][3] and ends in [La Paz][4] after running a 1000 mile course along the way. Apparently, fewer than 25% of ... Read Full Article
  • Mercedes Smart Car Finally Available In US
    05/18/2006 1:24PM
    ...but NOT through Mercedes. Rather, ZAPcars has become a direct importer for the cars and has the exclusive ten year distribution rights in the US. Only the gas two door version will be available in the US; you'll have to gray market a diesel model from Canada if you want one, and forget the four door model. The ... Read Full Article
  • Kia Diesel Minivan: Why Not In the US?
    05/18/2006 1:50PM
    On a recent trip to the UK, I had the unexpected pleasure of driving a Kia Sedona 7 passenger minivan with a 2.9 litre, 16 valve turbodiesel engine. The fit and finish of the van were excellent, as was power, drivability and fuel economy. While driving the van heavily loaded with 6 passengers and way too muc ... Read Full Article
  • Car Data Recorders - Another Reason Not to Buy a New Car
    08/21/2006 2:50PM
    These things are a boon for litigation attorneys: **"**The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has passed a regulation requiring car makers to inform customers when their car has been equipped with an Event Data Recorder, the agency said Monday. EDRs, similar to "black boxes" used in comme ... Read Full Article
  • Another reason I won't buy a new car.
    09/13/2006 10:14PM
    According to the Washington Post: "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is set to announce a preliminary regulation requiring electronic stability control technology on all new vehicles." .... "Stability control systems use electronic sensors linked to onboard computers to detect steer ... Read Full Article
  • GM (!?!) Ahead Of the Crowd (?!?)
    09/20/2006 9:16AM
    Astoundingly enough, it appears that GM may have a [price competive fuel cell powered vehicle][1] available by 2010, jumping ahead of nearly all competitors. If they can pull this off, it would be huge for GM and for the fight against climate change. Supposedly, they will begin giving loaning out test vehicles to ... Read Full Article
  • This Could Change Everything
    09/21/2006 12:03AM
    Eestor, a privately held Texas company (no website) has [a new battery technology][1] . They plan on producing a high output solid state battery with a million+ charge cycle capacity, and a recharge time of minutes instead of hours (already tested). It is expected to be cost competive with lead acid batteries. I ... Read Full Article
  • Honda Claims Clean Diesel Breakthrough
    09/24/2006 11:50PM
    Honda may have done it again. They are announcing that they've developed a new diesel catalyst system that eliminates NOX (nitrogen oxide) emissions, the primary component of concern in diesel exhaust. Get the details [here.][1] They say that they plan to start selling vehicles equipped with the new technolo ... Read Full Article
  • The Oil Gap Hits The Main Stream
    05/22/2008 2:09PM
    The IEA (the Paris based Independent Energy Agency) is in the middle of an across the board evaluation of the condition of the world's oil fields. The study results won't be released until November, but already, industry insiders and analysts are suggesting that the results may describe a much tighter world oil su ... Read Full Article
  • IEA Calls For Tight Oil Through 2013
    07/02/2008 9:54AM
    An IEA study released on 1 July says world oil supplies will likely remain stretched with little excess capacity through 2013. This does not bode well for consumer prices, as the cost of energy generally cascades into multiple sectors of the economy; The Wall Street Journal has the details [here][1]. [1]: http:/ ... Read Full Article
  • test article
    12/01/2008 1:06PM
    this is a test. please ignore. ... Read Full Article
  • Another test
    12/01/2008 1:17PM
    another test ... Read Full Article
  • First Jet Flies Powered By Algal Fuel
    01/09/2009 3:56PM
    Algae makes far more sense than any other source for transportation fuels (given its 30:1 yield advantage over any other biofuel crop) so this is big news. Aside from being carbon neutral, algal sourced fuels carry the additional benefit of not competing with food crops for arable land. Get the details [here ... Read Full Article