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  • Limiting SSH connections using IPTABLES under Linux
    07/07/2006 5:10PM
    If you're running a later linux kernel, here's a link to an article describing how to use iptables to limit the number of SSH connections to your box in a given period of time: I have not tried this yet. ... Read Full Article
  • CERT article on mitigating XSS attacks.
    08/14/2006 3:32PM
    There has been a drastic increase in Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks of late. Here's an excellent article by CERT on how you can avoid them: [http://www.cert.org/tech\_tips/malicious\_code_mitigation.html][1] More information on XSS attacks can be found here: Read Full Article
  • USB drive security vulnerability
    08/29/2006 1:19PM
    Something to be concerned about if you ever plug your USB drives into a foreign computer: "A perverse hacker friend of mine has written a clever yet scaring Windows utility. Each time a USB key is inserted into his computer, the whole content of the key is silently dumped and stored on the machine. It doesn’t ... Read Full Article
  • SSH Shut Out
    04/05/2007 5:49PM
    We're getting hit by ssh dictionary attacks much more frequently now. I just installed a daemon called "SShutOut" available from [http://www.techfinesse.com/sshutout/sshutout.html.][1] It's very quick to install and runs in the background to monitor the /var/log/messages file for excessive failed logi ... Read Full Article
  • Who'da thunk
    07/08/2015 11:10PM
    As a fan of OpenBSD and open source in general, I find this most interesting.  Microsoft just became the first "Gold" donor to the OpenBSD Foundation ever.  Every single company that uses OpenSSH - from Google and Facebook to Oracle, IBM, and HP to Red Hat and Cisco - none of them have ever contributed to the support o ... Read Full Article