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  • The Long Way Round - around the world on Motorcycle.
    11/17/2004 1:09AM
    There is this fantastic show on Bravo called "[The Long Way Round][1]" about an actors trip around the world on a motorcycle; I think it's a BMWR1150GS ... I've never seen a show capture what it's like to travel long distance by motorcycle quite this well before. It brings back memories of the '92 Alaska Hellride wh ... Read Full Article
  • The Iron Butt
    06/21/2005 11:40PM
    In supporting of a conversation I had earlier this evening, this is a link to the > [The Iron Butt Rally > ][1] Insane long distance riding. And a link to heated grips that Ian has had good luck with: > [Heated Grip Kit][2] > [1]: http://www.ironbuttrally.com/IBR/default.cfm [2]: http://www.ae ... Read Full Article
  • Source for BMW Motorcycle Parts info
    08/24/2005 8:18PM
    This site has a passable online parts microfiche system for all BMW Bikes. [http://www.ascycles.com/illustrated\_parts\_catalog_main.aspx][1] And here's one that is basically the same code but much better arranged: [http://www.maxbmwmotorcycles.com/fiche/fiche.asp ][2] [1]: http://www.ascycles.com/ ... Read Full Article
  • Small Bikes List
    08/29/2005 10:27PM
    If you ever need to look up a list of motorcycles appropriate for someone under 5'5" check out the [Short Bikes List][1] Also see the [Home of Short Bikers][2]. [1]: http://www.nebcom.com/noemi/moto/sbl.sbl.html [2]: http://www.ki.org/sbl/ ... Read Full Article
  • Coming To A GoldWing Near You: Airbags
    09/13/2005 9:16AM
    Honda has decided to install airbags on 2006 GoldWing Model sold in Europe and Japan--and possibly the US next spring. A company study indicated that in severe front collisions, the bag could save the rider's life. More on this [here.][1] [1]: http://www.cnn.com/2005/AUTOS/09/08/honda_airbag.reut/index.html ... Read Full Article
  • So You Want To Build A Baja Bug
    11/28/2005 5:25PM
    I made the "mistake" of watching ["Dust To Glory"][1] over the weekend, a documentary on the famous [Baja 1000][2] race, held in Baja California, Mexico every year. The race starts in [Ensenada][3] and ends in [La Paz][4] after running a 1000 mile course along the way. Apparently, fewer than 25% of ... Read Full Article
  • 2006 Blue Ridge Parkway and Deal's Gap Trip Photos
    05/24/2006 11:43PM
    I've put up photos of my trip with Ian down the Blue Ridge Parkway and through Deal's Gap. [Photos are here.][1] [1]: /uploaded_html/albums/dealsgap2006 ... Read Full Article
  • Source of Used BMW Parts.
    10/29/2006 10:49AM
    A site Duncan found: Used BMW motorcycle parts. Saved here for posterity. ... Read Full Article
  • Deal's Gap Motorcycle Trip Pictures
    05/23/2007 12:56PM
    Being unusually proactive, I put together an album of photos from our motorcycle trip down to the Smokey Mountains and Deal's Gap: [http://www.yml.com/uploaded\_html/albums/dealsgap\_2007][1] Trip report is here: [http://yml.com/forums.html?post_id=1288][2] [1]: http://www.yml.com/uploaded_html/albums ... Read Full Article
  • The Oil Gap Hits The Main Stream
    05/22/2008 2:09PM
    The IEA (the Paris based Independent Energy Agency) is in the middle of an across the board evaluation of the condition of the world's oil fields. The study results won't be released until November, but already, industry insiders and analysts are suggesting that the results may describe a much tighter world oil su ... Read Full Article
  • IEA Calls For Tight Oil Through 2013
    07/02/2008 9:54AM
    An IEA study released on 1 July says world oil supplies will likely remain stretched with little excess capacity through 2013. This does not bode well for consumer prices, as the cost of energy generally cascades into multiple sectors of the economy; The Wall Street Journal has the details [here][1]. [1]: http:/ ... Read Full Article