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  • Fedora Core 12 vmware workstation 7 "c header files matching your running kernel" error
    03/06/2010 5:44PM

    I have finally given up on Ubuntu 9.10. I should have done that some time ago.

    I've switched to Fedora Core 12, which I was loathe to do because of some very bad experiences with previous versions. I'm happy to report that FC 12 suffers from none of the problems I saw in Ubuntu. 

    Networking works.

    Sound works.

    It's a more "expert developer friendly" distribution than Ubuntu which I would assume also explains why the quality of forum posts about Fedora Core seems to be much higher than Ubuntu.

    I am running on a Dell Vostro 400n; it's a cheap consumer grade SATA machine with an nVidia card:

    [root@humility kernels]# /sbin/lspci -nn | grep 'VGA\|NV'
    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GTS [10de:0400] (rev a1)

    The installation did not seem to include 3d drivers. This is the one place where the Ubuntu install process was smoother than the Fedora one.

    After some googling around I came across this guide:


    Which seemed to work like a champ.

    However, it upgraded the kernel to Linux version

    I went to run VMware expecting it to "just work" and encountered the:

    "c header files matching your running kernel were not found"

    I did some more searching and there's some talk on the VMware community site that getting VMWare Workstation 7.0.1 to work with the Linux 2.6.32 kernel requires some patches, but there was no mention anywhere that I could find about the kernel headers issue.

    Based on a old post for some ancient distribution, I figured out that I needed to install the kernel-PAE-devel package to get the right headers:

    yum install kernel-PAE-devel

    which installed the kernel-PAE-devel- package that included the /usr/src/kernels/ directory.

    I re-ran vmware initially as a normal user and it failed to start any compilation. I then re-ran it as root and it compiled the new drivers correctly. Everything seems to work once again.

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    03/06/2010 8:17PM
    Thanks for posting this. I've been running Kubuntu 9.04 and it is really starting to get on my nerves. Based on what you mentioned about 9.10 I wasn't about to go that route and I have had similar experiences with previous distros of FC. Keep us up to date on your progress.
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    03/06/2010 8:32PM
    I am still running 9.04 on my laptop, which is a secondary computer for me. I have avoided upgrading because I had heard of problems with the upgrade to 9.10. I'll definitely be holding off on that.

    So thanks for the info. Might save me some trouble next time I decide to upgrade or install linux on my laptop.
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    03/06/2010 11:00PM
    After a couple of years running the Ubuntu "consumer-friendly" distribution, I have to admit I'm really enjoying the developer/expert friendly slant of Fedora Core 12.
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