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  • Converting a Physical Server to a Virtual Server using VirtualBox
    08/26/2014 10:20AM

    We had to move the servers back upstairs. Given that vetsclub is very long in the tooth we were afraid it wouldn't come back up. So a a fallback, in case it failed to boot, we decided to create a virtual copy of physical vetsclub.

    The recipe is pretty straight forward. Because the machine is so old, Duncan pulled the drive and inserted it into an old external USB case. We then created an image of the entire drive:

    dd if=/dev/sdc of=vetsclub.dd.img 

    NOTE: Obviously the source input file will likely be different in your situation. 

    Virtual Box makes it extremely easy to convert a raw image file into a bootable virtual machine. Assuming a current (as of this writing 4.3.10) VirtualBox the command is:

    VBoxManage convertdd vetsclub.dd.img vetsclub.vdi --format VDI

    Now it's just a matter of booting it. Unlike VMWare, adding the drive is a separate step.

    Create a New Virtual machine and then on the screen titled Hard drive select "Use an existing virtual hard drive file".

    Click the browse button to the right of the option and select the VDI file you created in the step above.