Ian's 2000 M900Sie

The Ducati Monster is the original modern "naked" bike.  Its Argentine creator, Miguel Galluzzi, designed it with the philosophy that "all you need is a saddle, tank, engine, two wheels, and handlebars.  The Ducati website has a brief history of the bike.

Since the original 1993 Monster, there have been both two-valve, air-cooled Monsters and four-valve, water-cooled Monsters, ranging in displacement from 620cc to 1100cc.  It is the opinion of this Monster owner that simpler is better - and big radiators on the front of a naked bike look wrong. 

The 'S' model pictured above came stock with 3-way adjustable Ohlins shock and Showa forks, aluminum swingarm, Brembo brakes, Marelli fuel injection, lightweight wheels, carbon fiber bits and adjustable levers.  Perfect.  Only minor modifications have been made to it.  I replaced the stock mirrors with CRG bar-end mirrors.  Not only do they look and work better than the stock mirrors, but in one instance where the bike fell over after not setting its sidestand properly the CRG mirror not only helped to prevented any significant damage to the bike, it didn't break.  I added a BMW-style electrical outlet, grip heaters, and an oil temperature gauge that screws in as a replacement for the stock oil fill cap.  The temperature guage clued me in to the fact that all my cool weather riding had the engine running cold, so the oil cooler is usually covered with my custom oil cooler cover made from a Guinness can.  This bike has been very reliable and an absolute joy to ride.  I also bought a used set of Monster saddlebags, which came with the 1999 Monster City model.  They're not big waterproof hard bags, like those on Yermo's BMWs, but they mount firmly and are lockable, making them very welcome despite their relatively small size for saddlebags.


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Monster Clutch Replacement Sept 2007